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Our history


The Choir was founded in 1970 by Régis Decool,

Since 2010, it is directed by Jérôme Cupelli, founding director of the “Petits Chanteurs de Lambres-lez-Douai”. Jérôme is now the driving force in the preservation of the soul and identity of our Choir.

Since its creation, the Maîtrise des Hauts de France performs on a regular basis, in and around Lille, and schedules each year, during the school breaks, various tours in France, in Europe and particulary in North America during the summer break.

Our Choir has been involved in many special events, has sung in the White House and has taken part in the Pueri Cantores international congresses, in Washington in 2013 and several times in Rome’s Saint Peter’s Basilica. Our singers are regulary asked to perform for television programs, conventions, competitions and festivals around the world.